Points Dealing with Special Product Transactions

Sales Company

ACCEA Co., Ltd.

Company Name

ACCEA Co., Ltd.

Operations Manager

Tadashi Yoshida


Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi 2-4-11
Kojimachi Square Plaza 2F

Phone Number / Fax Number

TEL: 03-6261-3603
FAX: 03-6261-3604
※※ There is no telephone support offered in relation to the use of application software.



Product Cost

In regards to product prices, all prices listed on product price pages are prices without sales tax.

Required Costs aside from Product Costs

・Consumption Tax (All listed prices are before tax)
・Delivery Costs (Regular deliveries will not be charged for delivery)

Payment Methods

・Pay at Store
・Cash on Delivery

Credit Card Settlement is conducted via GMO Payment Gateway Ltd. Online Settlement Services. The credit card information supplied to this service will not be retained by ACCEA.

Payment Deadline

Over-the-counter payments and cash-on-delivery payments are settled when the product is received. Credit payments are settled at the time of your order.

Method of Receipt

・When choosing Courier Delivery COD pament method, goods will be couriered to the registered address. This will incur a ¥500 charge (tax excl.)
Direct receipt of goods at store.→ Store list

Period of Delivery of Goods

The delivery period for goods is from the completion of production until the next day or 2 days later.
※ Delivery times may vary depending on the availabilty of stock and quantities ordered.
※ With the exclusion of island locations and isolated regions.
※ This will be subjext to the regular business pressures.

Returns & Exchanges

ACCEA Information Processing Service (hereby “this Service”), as a general principal is not able to offer a return or exchange of goods to users of this service. However, in cases where the goods supplied are defective due to failure on the part of this service. We will bear the cost of delivery, replace the goods or underconsultation supply a refund. However, in the cases outlined below please understand that we canot offer a return of goods or refund.

  • In cases where this service’s goods have been distributed
  • Replacement where the customer feels that customer’s image is different
  • In cases where more than 1 week has passed since the arrival of goods
  • Return or replacement of goods which are damaged or dirtied by the actions of the cutomer