Terms of Service

In order to use this service, you have to read, understand, and agree to our Terms of Use as stated below.

General Disclaimer

At ACCEA ,we are committed to producing and managing our products to the best of our efforts. However, due to the nature of our services, part of the work process involves human labor, and unavoidably human error as well. In the event that defects were present in the goods you received, we will act as below:

(1). We will quickly replace defective products and goods at our own cost.

(2). In the event that it is impossible to fulfill the conditions stated in 1., we will provide a full refund.

(3). Secondary losses incurred as a result of our mistakes will be compensated to a maximum of cost value.

We regret to inform you that we will not compensate anything more than the abovementioned.


Regarding Copyrights And Image Rights

Please note that due to laws and rights governing the use of images, ACCEA is unable to provide our services for the following cases:

・When the use of an image constitutes a breach of law, or a risk thereof.

[ Printing of currency, checks, stock certificates, securities, bonds, promissory notes, gift certificates, postal stamps, official postcards, revenue stamps, commuter passes, train tickets, travelers’ checks, admission tickets etc.]

・Printing of various official certificates (limited to B&W printing)

[Drivers’ licenses, passports, health insurance cards, qualification certificates and licenses, as well as any other documents that are related to rights and obligations. ]

・Materials protected by copyright laws.

[Commercial publications, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, maps, paintings, drawings, photographs, music scores, designs etc. ]

・Materials in violation of public morals

[Materials in violation of public morals may include, but not be limited to: – Images and content of pornographic nature; – Insults, threats, slander, and/or obscene language of any form.]

・Any materials which promote, or might lead to the promotion of anti-social organizations or individuals.

・Any materials that ACCEA Co., Ltd might find difficult to discern as legal.

[Materials which are for personal use, related to educational purposes or are not for commercial uses and so will not infringe upon copyright.]
[Music and Publications which copyright owners have been deceased for a period of at least 50 years , or movies which 70 years have elapsed from première date do not constitute copyright infringement] (Provided that you receive written permission from the copyright owner, it is possible to use these materials)

・Materials aside from those mentioned above which have been deemed inappropriate by us.

※We reserve the right to change this policy without notice.


Regarding goods and services

・The quality of goods

Product quality is affected by the quality of the uploaded images. It is therefore recommended that images be taken with the iPhone rear camera at the highest settings.
ACCEA Co., Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any difference in color between the image and the actual product.

・Product Return and Exchange

Due to the products being custom-made to the user’s submitted dimensions, there are no cancellations or refunds after the order is placed. In the event that you receive a defective product, or that you received goods that you did not order, please retain your receipt and notify us via phone or email about the defect within 7 days of receipt. We will do a one-to-one exchange at no extra cost to the buyer.

・Storage period of uploaded images

Images used will be stored in our data servers for a period of 3 months from the date that the order was placed, after which it is automatically deleted.
The management of images saved on users’ devices are to the user’s own discretion.
IACCEA Co., Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any data loss as a result of users’ devices malfunctioning.

・Delivery of Goods

Goods will be dispatched to users’ mailing address via our chosen courier company.
ACCEA Co., Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for instances where the goods could not be delivered due to users’ address input errors. In such cases, the user will have to pay an additional redelivery surcharge, even for goods that qualified for free shipping.

・Storage of undelivered parcels

In the event that your parcel was unable to be delivered for any reason, ACCEA Co., Ltd will store the parcel for a period of up to 30 days. If, during this time, no request of redelivery from the user was received, the parcel will be disposed of without providing a refund to the user.

・Payment Methods

By placing an order through this app, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations governing the payment method selected. If, for any personal reasons, payment is not made in a timely manner, the user’s obligation to pay remains until the balance is paid in full.


Coupons can be used during the order process. Upon selecting the coupon that the user wishes to use, the discount will be applied to the transaction and the discounted price will be displayed on the order confirmation screen. Coupons cannot be exchanged, transferred, sold or converted to cash. Additionally, please be aware that there is a validity period for coupons, and coupons that have already expired cannot be used. Promotions and offers are subject to change without prior notice.