Information Security Policy

Our company provides information processing services (hereinafter referred to as our company’s “Services”). We are deeply aware that strictly protecting the information of customers who support our services is our responsibility to customers, and our duty to society.
Our company considers it our duty to do our best to ensure the security of our customers’ information assets, and to provide safer and more complete Services. Thus, we reliably implement security measures, and provide Services. Our company ensures the confidentiality, integrity and usability of information handled by these Services, and declares that we will do our best to maintain and continuously improve information security.


To actively promote security, we establish a committee that is responsible for the establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of information security. Also, this committee allocates sufficient resources for implementation of our information security management system (ISMS).
To ensure the effective implementation of the basic policy written here, we eliminate potential threats to information, and take appropriate measures. These procedures will be documented and stored in the information security manual. We are committed to build and operate an organizational system that corresponds to ISO27001, and obtain and maintain ISMS certification, and continually improve our information security management system.


In accordance with ISO27001, our company is committed to the following matters.

  • We appropriately protect personal information, confidential information, management information and technical information that is entrusted to us from our customers in relation to our services.
  • We comply with relevant domestic and foreign regulatory requirements.
  • Our staff are aware of responsibilities and procedures for information security, and we ensure that they are adequately trained.
  • We introduce a business continuity plan, and do our best to continue our services in the event of a disaster.
  • For violators of basic policy, we take strict actions in accordance with our company rules.

ACCEA Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Tadashi Yoshida