Do you offer gift-wrapping services?
We do offer gift-wrapping services (Additional charges apply).
What is the recommended image resolution?
Please use iPhone pictures taken at the maximum resolution settings. (In the case of iPhone 5: 8 megapixels, 3264×2488)
Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?
Unfortunately, there is no bulk purchase discount for orders placed through our application at this time.
Can I bring my own paper for poster printing?
We regret to inform you that we use only roll paper for poster prints, so it is not possible to print your poster on your own paper.
Is it cheaper to print in grayscale?
There is no price difference between grayscale and color poster printing.
What types of things are protected by copyright?
・Comics & Animation, Products, Business Characters and images, etc.
・Commercial Publications, Newspapers, Magazines, Textbooks, Maps, Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Sheet music, designs, etc.
・Celebrity names, Businesses, Brand Names & Logos.
・Images, Lyrics, copy taken from the internet.
We are unable to offer this service in cases where there may be copyright infringement as mentioned above or in cases where third party rights to self images are infringed upon or used in an immoral way.
Is it possible to resell products?
Template copyrights belong to the producer or our company, so we cannot permit commercial use. It is possible if you do not use a template.