Management of Personal Information

In order to use this service, you have to read, understand, and agree to our Privacy Policy as stated below.

  1. 1. Use of Personal Information.
    The personal information that you provide will be limited to the following use(s):
    ・ACCEA Web Upload System Registration
    ・Customer verification (in the event of enquiries)
  2. 2. Required personal information:
    ・Company Name (if applicable)
    ・Designation (if applicable)
    ・Phone Number
    ・Email Address
  3. 3. Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Information.
    (1). Proof of identity is required in the event of a request for disclosure of personal information.
    Enquiries concerning the process may be directed to the contact person stated below. Please note that a handling fee
    will be charged for requests for disclosure of personal information.
    (2). Disclosable Personal Information & Purpose of Use.
    Disclosable personal information: Listed in Article 2.
    Purpose of use: Listed in Article 1.
    (3). Inquiries & Complaints Regarding Personal Information
    Please direct any inquiries and/or complaints regarding personal information to the contact point listed below.

    Company Name:

    ACCEA Co.,Ltd.


    Kojimachi Square Plaza 1F,
    2-4-11, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku,

    TOKYO 102-0083

    Privacy Policy Manager:

    Privacy Policy Manager
    (Administrative Dept.): Mr. Akira Sogabe

    Phone Number:


    FAX Number:


    E-mail :

  4. 4. In-App Collection of Personal Information.
    A third-party data collection module collected is used for collection of in-app data. The data collected in-app is
    managed based on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the module developer.
    (1). Purposes For Collection of Information
    Other than to provide and facilitate the services requested, collected information will not be used for other purposes.
    (2). List of Information That Will be Collected
    ・App usage information
    ・Mobile device information (including cookies & advertising ID)
    ・App crash reports
    (3). Parties to which retained personal information is provided.
    The information collected from you will be managed according to Google’s privacy policy.
    In-app crash reports, cookies, advertising IDs, as well as app usage information is collected by Firebase.
    This statistical information will be collected anonymously, and no personally identifiable information will be

    Operated by: Google, Inc.

    Service Name: Firebase Analytics
    Purpose of Use: To provide insight into app use and other user engagement.
    Terms of Use:

    Service Name: Firebase Crasylytics
    Purpose of Use: To create detailed reports of in-app errors.
    Terms of Use:
    Privacy Policy:

  5. 5. Handling of Personal Information
    In case of consigning personal information to external contractors for the purpose stated in Article 1, ACCEA will take
    all possible measures to ensure and manage the proper handling and protection of information provided to us by our
  6. 6. Regarding information you share.
    By using this service, you agree to share with us your required personal information. If you do not agree to sharing
    your personal information with us, please do not use this service.

ACCEA Co.,Ltd.
CEO Tadashi Yoshida

Personal Information Manager Yoko Akiyama



Privacy Policy

ACCEA Co., Ltd. has been a provider of information processing services since its founding in 2002. In providing said services, we are sometimes entrusted with large amounts of private and/or confidential information from our clients, both corporate and individual. All company employees are deeply aware that such information belongs to their respective owners, and that the company is able to provide its information processing services due to the sole fact that our valued clients are willing to entrust us with said information. The entire company, including all stores, take all the necessary protective measures in order to safeguard our clients’ personal information. The following Privacy Policy has been drafted and implemented by ACCEA Co., Ltd., with the belief that gaining the trust of our client base is of paramount importance in the sound development of an information-driven society.


  1. 1. ACCEA Co., Ltd. does not, and will not obtain personal information through unlawful or inappropriate means, for the purpose of conducting business. Personal information is obtained in strict compliance with the company’s operating procedures, and will not be used for any other purpose other than intended.
  2. 2. The Company complies with all laws and country regulations pertaining to personal information. Employees’ actions can always be referred to, and are kept up-to-date regarding new and/or revised laws and regulations.
  3. 3. The Company regularly performs risk analysis and plans appropriate safety measures in order to prevent and rectify any leakage or damage to personal information.
  4. 4. The Company appoints a person-in-charge in order for complaints and enquiries regarding personal information to be handled smoothly. Information pertaining to the complaint process is publicly accessible on The Company’s web page, pamphlets, store counters, etc.
  5. 5. The Company works hard to continuously build, implement, maintain, and improve its personal information protection management system.
  6. 6. For any feedback, complaints, or concerns regarding personal information protection, please refer to the following.

    ■ Information Counter(Operating Hours:Weekdays 10:00AM~5:00PM)


    Kojimachi Square Plaza 2F,
    2-4-11 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku,
    Tokyo 102-0083 Japan

    Personal Information Consultant:

    Headquarters, Administrative Department
    Akira Sogabe


    Phone Number:


    Fax Number:


■ ACCEA’s Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization

Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization:

Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community

Complaint Resolution Requests:

Personal Information Protection Complaint and Consultation office


Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

Phone number:

03-5860-7565 / 0120-700-779


With effect from August 22, 2006
Revised March 1, 2023

ACCEA Co., Ltd.
Tadashi Yoshida, CEO