I would like to share my design.
Your designs can be shared through social networking services by tapping the “Share” button under “My Designs”

* Designs that include character templates cannot be shared.

Even after logging in, I am unable to view my purchase history and “My Design”.
It might be that your connection has timed out, or that you have logged into an account which is different from the one that you saved your data to. Please check your log in details and try again.
If there are no problems with your log in details, please check your internet connection and restart the application.
I am unable to complete my order and I get the message “Data failed to transmit.”
This may be caused by a lack of memory or by a connectivity problem. After checking your connectivity, please restart your iPhone.
If the application is deleted, what happens to my data?
If you re-register your customer information and order history will be restored but unfortunately your “My Design” data will be lost.
In cases where you wish to have your “MyDesign” data saved, please back up your data in iCloud or iTunes before uninstalling the application. → Click here for instructions on Backing Up.
Is it possible to print or use images edited in other applications or gotten through SNS(Facebook, LINE etc)?
While it is possible to print and use images edited in other applications or gotten through SNS(Facebook, LINE etc), we do not recommend it.
Once you take a screenshot of the app, you cannot use a character template.
To protect copyrights of characters used, it is prohibited to take a screenshot of the app.
If the character template is no longer available, uninstall the app, then install again.
Can I combine a coupon with other coupons, offers, or promotions?
Coupons cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers, or promotions.